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Mission Statement

The Empowerment Outfitter Network (EON) is a non-denominational, Christian-based organization who’s mission is to, through a network of landowners and other resources, provide positive and meaningful hunting and outdoor opportunities for disabled and terminally-ill children and youth.  For these young individuals, we accomplish our mission by:

Empowering them with outdoor activities that create hope and self-esteem.

Helping them to develop skills and Godly attitudes to reach their full God-given potential. 

Taking their minds off of the pain, discomfort, and treatments through the anticipation of (and participation in) outdoor outings.


Actively acknowledging the Body of Christ and the sacrifice that he made on our behalf.


Serving as working examples of spiritual Christian-based living.


Introducing them to God's remarkable creation, while promoting safe, ethical, and educated hunting and outdoor behavior.


Fostering stewardship of the land and appreciation of all wildlife.


Promoting hunting and the outdoors and preserving our hunting and outdoor heritage.


Outdoor outings are commonly in the form of hunting trips (typically, but not exclusively for whitetail deer). 


Our gear is for disabled hunters and those that support them.  

Proceeds from all purchases go toward EON hunts and outings.

The Empowerment Outfitter Network (EON) is a certified 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that proudly serves disabled and terminally-ill children and youth through hunting and the outdoors.

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