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The Network

Hunts are provided on both private and commercial land and EON makes every effort to provide them at little or no cost to participating families.  We strive to provide enriching, empowering, and safe outdoor experiences that create hope - and hopefully play a meaningful role in recovery.  The allotment of EON hunts is contingent upon availability and funding.  We graciously accept any monetary gifts we can get from individuals, companies, stakeholder groups, as well as clubs and associations.  Guides, outfitters and hunting lodges that offer quality hunting opportunities are also needed for partnership into our program. 

Donate your ranch, farm, lodge, or lease for a hunt - There is nothing more rewarding than accommodating disabled children and youth through productive, fun, and therapuetic hunts and outdoor experiences.  Please help us in this worthy endeavor.  EON will do everything possible to defray costs (and in many cases, make it cost neutral).  We fully understand the value of hunting properties and operations and graciously accept any opportunities we can get.  Become an "Empowerment Outfitter" today!

If you're interested, please contact us.


Our gear is for disabled hunters and those that support them.  Proceeds from all purchases go toward EON hunts and outings.

The Empowerment Outfitter Network (EON) is a certified 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that proudly serves disabled and terminally-ill children and youth through hunting and the outdoors.

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